Project Name: See You In The Morning – Drunk at a Wedding

Company: Vanguardia San Antonio

Supervisor: N/A

My Role: My Primary role was as video editor, However, I was also responsible for coordinating and directing the shoot.


Project Name: 2013 Land Heritage Institute Art-Sci Symposium: Why Art-Sci? Analyzing a Paradigme

Company: San Antonio Filmmakers

Supervisor: Laura Varela

My Role: My primary role was to review entire footage and edit into a cohesive sequence. I was also present at video shoot as a grip.


Project Name: Heritage Club Class of 1963 Reunion Video

Organization: St. Mary’s University Heritage Club

Supervisor: Kathe Lehman-Meyer

My Role: My primary role was as director. I managed a crew of 5 St. Mary’s Students who assisted in various stages of production. My focus was on reviewing over 50 hours of footage and editing into a cohesive sequence.


For this project I was responsible for all of the production duties. I shot and edited the report. I also created the introduction using Live Type as well as wrote the script for the reporter.


Project Name: “Embrace the Martian” Stop-Motion

Course:  Intro to Media Production

Professor: Kevin Welch

Project Description: The challenge was to create a project using only photographs. With a total of approximately 700 photographs I created this short stop-motion video in a span of 24 hours.